Saturday, May 3, 2008

10 recommended northern dishes to try

Khoa Soi A noode dish consists of soft egg noodles in a spicy curry soup with chicken or beef served with pickled cabbage and fresh shallots and ground fried chill and a piece of lime as condiments

Khanom Chin Nam Ngiaw Rich noodles served with spicy and sour sauce cooked witc ground pork and pork rib., tomatos and chilli paste.

Nam Prik Num A kind of chilli dip made pf baked fresh green chilli, garlic and shallots pounded into a dip served with crispy pork skin, fresh or lightly steamed vegetables along witch sticky rice.

Nam Prik Ong A spicy dip of finely chopped pork, tomato and baked red chilli pounded into a spicy dip. The taste is mild with the combination of sweet sour and salty and to go well with fresh vegetable.